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When we're not writing Sages and Infernum, Ellen loves writing horror and fantasy short stories; some have found their way into anthologies. Here are excerpts of stories that have been published. 




The Tree Man at Fort Rock

Across the street, where the town bordered on the woods, stood a man.

Watching her.

He was too far away to make out clearly, and although he was tall, he stood crookedly, with limbs at odd angles like branches of the trees around him. Pieces of his clothes fluttered in the wind like tattered rags. His sickly pale skin, with little more than thin white wisps for hair, sat in stark contrast to the growing shadows around him. His eyes were wide, unblinking, and seemed to bore into her from afar. 

She reached for--for what, pepper spray? Her cell phone? Both were in her purse, in the house, and when she looked back, the man was gone. 

Featured in Night Terrors, Vol. 20


Red-Eyed Devil

It was the last bitter day of winter when the Shurin wandered into the rural town of Havenledge.

Dry, crusted blood coated the right side of her face. Ripped clothes hung loose on her thin frame. Her eyes, half-lidded, gazed incomprehensibly at her surroundings. 

Townspeople stopped and stared. None approached her.

Siena had just stepped out of the general store when she caught sight of the girl, and she chewed her lip as she watched. She had never seen a Shurin before, only heard of them through history and rumors, but the girl's deep red irises were unmistakable. 

The Shurin staggered then collapsed into the mud. The townspeople began to mutter among themselves. 

Featured in Summer of Sci-fi & Fantasy, Vol. 1

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