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Sages and Infernum

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In a small-town medical clinic on the outskirts of the kingdom of Aderon, sixteen-year-old Siena trains to become a magical Healer. After receiving a disturbing note and returning home to find her clinic burned down and her teacher missing, Siena and her best friend Daiyu – an amnesiac exiled warrior – travel to the capital city in search of answers. The two discover that Siena’s teacher isn’t the only mage to have recently vanished, and Prince Caden, once heir to the throne until he was blinded as a child, offers to help investigate the suspected kidnappings.


The three soon unravel a conspiracy behind the missing mages that threatens not only Caden’s rule but the entire kingdom. After escaping double crosses and hearing unexpected revelations, Siena discovers her powers are much stronger than she ever realized—and much more difficult to control. And mastering her newfound power is now more important than ever, because Siena’s missing teacher, Daiyu’s exile, Caden’s lost birthright, and the horde of monstrous shape-shifters are all the work of an ancient evil—one that seeks to consume and destroy Siena.

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