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Sages and Infernum

dramatis personae


Siena of Havenledge

Apprentice Healer

After losing her parents and surviving a deadly plague as a child, Siena was taken in by her teacher, Adene. Together they run a small medical clinic, hidden away in the outskirts of Aderon. She's content with her quiet life, until tragedy forces her to learn about her origins.

Daiyu of the Shurin

Exiled Warrior

When Daiyu stumbled into town one day, she was starving, injured, and delirious. After being saved by Siena and Adene, she has sworn to stay by their side, working in exchange for food and shelter despite complaints from the neighboring townsfolk. She claims to know nothing of her people, only that she can’t return to them.

Caden of Aderon

Dethroned Prince

The royal family was not spared from the plague that spread through Aderon, and when Caden was still very young, he lost both his mother and his eyesight. Despite being sole blood heir to the throne and working tirelessy to surpass his blindness, advisors still question his ability to rule - and the king seems to agree.

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